Techs 4 Tech

Techs 4 Tech
Business Summary
Techs 4 Tech believe that it is important for any business to know that they are getting the most out of their tech.
Business Description
How businesses buy and sell is changing, we have provided a response to the new way of working. Our IT experts will assist you strategically, offer advice on improvements you could make and take a vested interest in your long-term success. Our unique, professionally managed service gives you flexibility and control and our small and medium solutions provide zero commitment after the first three months.
IT Helpdesk: Remote support, Bespoke onsite dedicated onsite engineer, Backups, Microsoft 365 installation and migration, Virtual Infrastructure, Cloud Solutions, IT Projects
VOIP: VOIP Phone systems, Broadband, Business lease lines, Mobile sim deals
Consultancy: ISO9001 Consultations, Solution Architecture, Disaster recovery
Service Summary
Once you have chosen the right-size solution for your business, one of our IT Specialists will undertake an initial audit to analyse and research your business. They will help put together the most effective plan to meet your objectives. Once this is created, they will continue to implement, oversee and update your plan and solution all the way.
Even if you are not yet ready to begin now, express an interest today, with zero commitment to take advantage of our temporary pricing cut for interested business, of up to 50%, as a Covid friendly offer. You can still get to know us so that we are ready in the background for whenever you do need us and in the meantime enjoying great pricing.
Phone Number
01623 348 334
Contact Email
29A & B Church Street
NG18 1AF

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